Let me show the best Pinterest and Tumblr Inspired Minimalist Room Decor Videos which gave me major DIY Goals, I’ve tried few of them with amazing outcome and dying to try all of them. I hope you like them as much as I do. So lets Get Started:

    1. This Minimalist Room Decor Videos will gave you major DIY Goals.. it has 3 Core DIY Projects.
      a) DIY Cement/Concrete Planter
      b) DIY Ladder
      c) DIY Accessories Holder.

Youtuber: Drew Scott

2. These Colorful DIY’s will provide some winter freshness into your room, so lets see what we have here:
a) Coloured Vase
b) Pom Pom Coaster
c) DIY Sharpie Eggs

Youtuber: savannahandstuff

3. These Cheap and Simple Minimalist DIY’s too almost no effor and that includes:
a) DIY Photo Display
b) DIY Fairy Stool
c) DIY Watercolor Pillow

Youtuber: Katherine Elizabeth

4. These DIY’s are extremly Beautiful and very easy to create, lets watch and learn:
a) DIY Multi colored Glass Jars
b) DIY Light Bulb Vases
c) DIY Large Frame Photo Display

Youtuber: Jade Lo

5. Make some good old fashined Indian Tribe DIY’s and give your room some tribe tradition:
a) DIY Cement/Concrete Tray
b) DIY Fringe Arrow Wall Hanging
c) DIY Frindge Tassel Pillow

Youtuber: Nastazsa

6. Simple and easy DIY Room Decor ideas:
a) DIY Marble Coasters
b) DIY Geomatric Painiting
c) DIY Grid Pillow

Youtuber: Katherine Elizabeth

7. Much Affordable and Easy DIY Wall Hangings:
a) DIY Yarn Wall Hanging
b) DIY Popsicle Sticks Hexagon Wall Shelf

Youtuber: Katherine Elizabeth

8. Lets play with our Blankets and Pillows and make something Good out of it:
a) DIY Plus Sign Pattern Blanket
b) DIY Urban Outfitters Eye Pillow
c) DIY Black and White Stripe Pillow

Youtuber: Katherine Elizabeth

9. This is one of my most favorite Wall Hanging Video, these DIY’s just amazing:
a) DIY Magazine Cutout Wall Hanging
b) DIY Multi Color Orange Stamped Wall Hanging
c) DIY Polarized Picture Wall Hanging

Youtuber: LaurDIY
10. Last but not the Least some minimalilst DIY Room Decor and Organizers:
a) DIY Drawers Handles
b) DIY Floating Clothing Rope
c) DIY Cement Cylinder for Accessories

Youtuber: Adam Atkins

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